Hey Guys, that is what you call end of the summer party. In case you are not aware of it.”AFRICAN EXPLOSION” an AFROJAM event series was talk of the town. It took place at EMPIRE STATES BUILDING (EMPIRE ROOM) on Friday Sept 21 2012. SPYON PRODUCTIONS INC along side MACORNAA ENT and EJ ENT made it unforgettable event. Dj E LOVE and Dj Spaxx kept everyone dancing from the beginning till the end of the event. Also Alchohol was not excused.
The paparazzi came camera ready and kept flashing light on all the beautiful people in the house. Also everyone came out camera ready as well. Join us on Facebook/ Meetup and subscribe to our page to be the first to know when updates, events, news etc are posted. As always thank you for your support and stay blessed


New York, NY

THIS MEETUP’S PRIMARY OBJECTIVE IS TO BRING PEOPLE TOGETHER THROUGH THE MEDIUM OF MUSIC & FASHIONAfro Jam provides venues to dance, network, and socialize. We cater to an up…

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